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    Grosvenor Forensic Claims

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    Loss Adjusting

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    Surveying Services

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    Legal Auditing

CPA Chartered Loss Adjusters

This is the core business of CPA, providing a full range of claims management and loss adjusting services. CPA does not do ‘off the peg’; all services tend to be bespoke and are tailored to individual client requirements and include desktop handling and adjusting in the field. Our speciality is the design and execution of end-to-end services for schemes or to meet all a clients’ requirements - from first notification through to resolution.

CP Adjusting in detail

CPA Surveying Services

CPA entered the risk management survey arena 5 years ago in direct response to client demand, as a result of clients being unable to source surveying that provided required technical expertise and timely delivery. We have developed a range of complementary surveys for the property owners sector. We also provide Commercial Combined Surveys, Goods in Transit and other bespoke surveys to meet client’s specific requirements.

Our Surveying Services

Grosvenor Forensic Claims

Grosvenor has a 25 year plus track record of providing investigation services to insurers, bankassurers and Lloyds Underwriters. The original and core services relate to the investigation of Income Protection claims but now includes services for most classes of claim/investigation. Starting with desktop analysis and including, interviews, observations, statement etc taking right through to project managed surveillance.

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Legal Auditing Services - LAS

LAS was established to satisfy the demands and needs of all parties associated with the legal world, including bulk purchasers of legal services, legal expenses insurers, funders, specialist brokers and underwriters and, of course, legal practices. The services provided are wide ranging and include open and closed file review, service/technical audit, compliance, due diligence, performance management, risk management reviews.

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